05 March 2020

Following the release of the white paper on the circular economy, the Andrews Government has made the decisive step to change Victoria’s recycling for the better – and for good. Over the next ten years, the initiatives will see waste to landfill reduce by up to 80%, and will create over 3900 jobs. We will also be getting on with implementing a real container deposit scheme.

The Victorian Government is transforming the states recycling system, investing $129 million to overhaul the way we do household recycling and introducing a new four bin system including:

  • Glass recycling – purple lid
  • Food and organics – green lid
  • Plastics, metal and paper recycling – yellow bin
  • Household waste – red lidThe package will support Local Government to provide new glass recycling service by 2027 and food and garden organics service by 2030.

    The Labor Government will also introduce a Container Deposit Scheme to be rolled out by 2023. The container deposit scheme will generate better quality and clearer recyclable materials to be used again across different industries.

    This will be supported by a statewide education and behaviour change program to help Victorians recycle right and make better decisions for the environment and economy.

    The Andrews Government’s landmark reforms will be changing the way we think about waste and recycling, through a number of important changes:

  • We will be doubling funding for businesses to invest in infrastructure to sort and re-process recyclables for use in manufacturing from $28 million to $56 million;
  • This includes $30 million in grants to make Victoria a leader in recycling innovation;
  • We will also provide $10 million in grants to help businesses improve resource efficiency, reduce waste and increase recycling in their daily operations – saving them time and money;
  • A new $7 million Business Innovation Centre will bring together industry, universities and councils to develop new technologies and collaborate on creative solutions to waste challenges;
  • For waste that can’t be recycled, processors will also be able to access $10 million for waste-to-energy initiatives, minimising the amount of rubbish being sent to landfill;
  • While $11.5 million will go towards treating hazardous waste – protecting the community from illegal chemical stockpiles.It’s important that Victorians are getting a reliable and harmonised recycling service no matter where they live. A new waste authority will be created in 2021 along with declaration of waste as an essential service to provide stronger regulation and accountability across the industry.

    These changes will see Victorians, produce less waste, recycle better and provide recycling system we can all rely on.

Quotes attributable to Jackson Taylor, Member for Bayswater:

“I welcome these ground-breaking changes to our waste and recycling system that will see Victorians get the waste and recycling system they deserve.”

“I look forward to seeing changes to our household recycling system here in Knox to begin with and welcome the implementation of a container deposit scheme that will benefit our community.”

“The Victorian Government will work closely with the Knox Council as one of the first councils part of the scheme, to implement the new recycling system, with special arrangements to be made for people living in apartments.”