The Lynne Greenlees Community Award


The Lynne Greenlees Award is an annual award, presented by Jackson Taylor MP to school students who embody the following characteristics:

  • Resilience,
  • Inclusivity,
  • Strives to be their best – both at home and at school,
  • Shows leadership in the school and their community, and
  • Respects others.

The award is named after Lynne, who spent 27 years in education, 17 as a teacher mainly in the early years of Primary School education and then ten at the same school as Vice Principal.

Lynne spent 23 years of her teaching career in a school community that had students and families from significant social disadvantaged backgrounds and were largely from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Lynne thrived in this environment, as she was someone who went the extra mile to ensure each student was getting the best opportunities from their schooling and had a lot to do with families and their home lives. She was a great support to many through tough times.

Lynne was a fierce advocate for young people and was instrumental in being a turning point in the lives of many, whilst under much pressure from the daily rigours of teaching and running a school.

For Lynne, this was all she knew – and she loved it.

Asking Lynne what her legacy at her school was where she spent 23 years, she said – “I’m not egotistical enough to talk about my legacy, I just hope I’ve contributed to a couple generations of kids to be successful in what they choose to do”.

That really is all you can ask.

Lynne sadly had to retire in 2008 to become a full time carer for her husband.

The winning students receive a personalised certificate, a gift card and letter from me to congratulate them.