Local Business Support


These businesses like all across Victoria are now subject to complying with the restrictions – as such many are working remotely or not able to operate, please check with them first to see how they’re now operating – and remember you will need to comply with the current restrictions of the day as well.

For more go here:

Business Stage 4  https://www.business.vic.gov.au/disputes-disasters-and-succession-planning/coronavirus-covid-19/coronavirus-covid-19-business-restrictions

Individuals Stage 4 https://www.dhhs.vic.gov.au/victorias-restriction-levels-covid-19


As a result of the Coronavirus outbreak, Governments have joined together to put in place measures to help stop the spread of this virus, to help, particularly, those who may be more vulnerable or elderly, as well as our health system. These measures are vital and based on advice from the Chief Health Officer. By all doing our part, it will make a big difference.

As a result of this unprecedented crisis we are now facing, workers are hurting, and businesses are struggling. This is not business as usual and Governments across the Nation are banding together to provide them with support. This will not be easy. We know this, I know this.

As your local MP, I would like to help where I can to support café’s, restaurants and other businesses where possible. As such I will be collating a list of all those businesses who continue to operate and are able to provide a service that abides by the social distancing measures put in place. I.e. – Have a takeaway or delivery service available or where you can order online from them.

Please fill out all details on this form so I can keep an updated list of businesses on my website for locals to continue to get behind in this difficult time.

Please note: If advice changes on requirements around social distancing or other measures, then this may have to change. I will inform you if this does occur.

For more as well on the Federal and Victorian Governments Economic Packages Announced, go here:

The list below will be updated daily.